Lauren Slaman, Sabika Jewelry

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I first worked with Ren Dittfield Photography on a photo shoot for a local charity.  They had donated their photography services and I was providing the jewelry for the shoot.  It was such a professional and welcoming environment from the moment I walked in the door and extended for the entirety of the shoot.  We were working with 6-9 year old girls, which as we all know can be tricky, especially when dealing with long hours, outfit changes, and poses.  Ren and Renette seamlessly flowed from relating to the girls and bringing out their creative best, to talking and working with the adults.  The eye for perfection that they both possess was very impressive.  This was my first experience meeting and working with Ren Dittfield Photography and it was flawless in all aspects.  What made an even bigger impact on me is the fact that they were doing this completely at their own expense and they were still making it a first class shoot as if they were being paid top dollar.  I would recommend them in an instant for any type of photographic work and hope that I am lucky enough to do additional work with them in the future.   Lauren Slaman, Sabika Jewelry

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