For over 20 years, Ren Dittfield has been using his camera to capture his unique and enriched vision. Based on a foundation of fine art photography, he enjoys exploring the intersections of art, fashion, technology and business. While Ren has enjoyed great success in commercial photography, every image has possessed Ren’s ability to captivate the viewer while maintaining his distinctive perception of quality.

Dedicated to art of photography, Ren believes that great photography does not depend on the equipment. A great photographer is able to capture an amazing moment based on their training and technique. Instead of taking hundreds of digital photos and relying on hope and editing to produce some great shots, Ren takes time to compose great shots from the start.

Although Ren does use the digital format, he also continues to utilize film to deliver the purest form of photography. No matter the format, Ren’s photography reflects not only on his versatility and commitment to creativity, but also on his effortless ability to capture timeless beauty.



At Ren Dittfield Photography, we strive to create unique and visually stimulating imagery, and to go above and beyond the needs and expectations of our clients. Casino francais gratuit. We are committed to thinking outside of the box in order to produce creative and beautiful images.