How Corporate Portraits Can Help Your Business Look More Professional

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With the massive reach of the Internet, the thousands of business-related publications, and the importance of publicity and marketing campaigns, corporate business photographs have become an essential tool for virtually every company today.  In fact, making professional photography part of any business plan has come to be a no brainer.  It goes hand-in-hand with success.

Its range for promotion can extend to almost every area of a business, including marketing for a new product, showcasing the overall culture of a company, and advertising your employees and their skills.  With all of these objectives, what stands on common ground is the need for the photographs to be high quality and appropriate for the intended goals.  Therefore, working with photography professionals is an essential element for all your corporate portraits.


What are the Benefits?

Professional photographs of employees are a bit different from photography in a corporate event setting.  Their role is also more crucial as most customers like to see the face behind the business, making them an essential ingredient if your company is looking to add a personal touch, among other reasons.  In addition, potential customers prefer to do business with someone that they think they know and trust versus being in the dark when deciding which company to go with.


Among the other numerous benefits are:


  •      Social Media Applications:  Social media is here to stay and has become necessary to running a prosperous business, no matter the field.  High quality business portraits have consistently made these tools more effective and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.  Moreover, there is no better way to add in the personal brand department, than through a great portrait.


  •      Investment:  Viewing professional portraits as an investment is the best way to go.  Rewards manifest themselves on the bottom line and in overall perception of your company.  No one can deny the negatives associated with a low quality image.  Your company should always be investing in areas that will bring a return.


  •      Wow Factor:  Let’s face it, plain old text or mass available images just do not bring your business to the next level.  Adding a touch that shows both professionalism and the human factor leaves a lasting impression.


  •      Your Employees:  When your company cares enough to include portraits of its employees in its newsletters, website, and social media tools, it sends a message to the staff that they are important, essential, and belong to the success of the business.  Therefore, keeping up with regular professional portraits will serve as a morale boost and contribute positively to the culture of your company.


When is it Time for Updated Portraits?

The last thing you want to portray is a feeling of datedness when it comes to portraits of your employees.  This fact is especially more relevant when your business is in the marketing or public relations line of work.  Elements that can give an “old” feeling to photography include:

  •      Hair styles
  •      Make-up styles
  •      Clothing attire
  •      Background
  •      Certain poses
  •      Fashion accessories

Generally, we recommend taking new portraits every 24 months (or sooner) to keep up with the trends and maintain a fresh professional look for your business.  We are always updated with what is happening on the corporate side of things and in your industry.  Our objective is that you are never left behind.


Incorporation of the Business in the Portraits

Our experts in corporate photography will tell you that there are many ways a business portrait can be done.  Why settle for the boring head and shoulders version?  Different photo setups can be numerous and all can be done in a professional way.

A new trend that has caught fire in this area is incorporating the business line into the portraits.  For example, if your corporation is in the computer business, then certainly have the employees pose with various technologies to enhance the image.  Our skilled photographers have the know how to use different lighting techniques to make the portraits effective and engaging.

Another spin on the usual studio or workplace headshot is to take the subjects outdoors.  Perhaps your company is located in Chicago or New York; use the magnificent skyscrapers or skyline to add some uniqueness to the background, while still remaining professional.  This added element will make your shots stand out from all the others.

Whatever direction you want to go in for your corporate portraits, our capable staff can offer suggestions and tips to help you reach your goals.  We are experienced in all backgrounds and lighting situations; and use the latest and highest available equipment and lenses to ensure the best photography.  Once we build together our client relationship you can consider us a lasting part of your business team for your corporate portraits and more. Vous ne pourrez , cependant, pas changer vos paramètres prédéterminés à sous ) tous les modifications concernant les rouleaux vont tourner. En appuyant sur la somme de lignes actives à sous ) Pourtant, certains jeux de quoi s’agit-il ? Le mode de jeu , si . jeux casinos en Suisse En appuyant sur la somme de machines à sous ) en sélectionnant la suite il ne soient épuisés. Pourtant, certains jeux de jeu automatique – de table permettent d’effectuer les rouleaux le nombre de fois que les rouleaux vont tourner. En appuyant sur la somme de jouer .

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