The Ren Dittfield Difference, Portraiture Photographers

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Portraiture Photographers

When looking for portraiture photographers, there are many things to consider. What level of experience does this photographer have? Does the pricing reflect the quality of the work? What are other clients saying about the portraiture photographers you are considering?

You can’t forget that you are investing time and money in your portraits. However, you’re also investing in a relationship. You need to be comfortable with the portraiture photographers you choose. You also need to have confidence in their ability to deliver the portraits you want.


Not All Portraiture Photographers Are Created Equal

Let’s face it; some portraiture photographers simply have no idea what they are doing with a camera. They either lack the skills, knowledge, experience, or in some cases all three, to give you the quality portraits you expect and deserve.

With over two decades of experience, Ren Difffield has the experience behind the lens. His dedication to quality, visually stimulating images proves his knowledge and abilities go beyond the norm for most portraiture photographers. He isn’t content to simply take a great picture. Ren wants a work of art; one in which you are the star. He wants to make you shine and strives to capture the essence of who you are, and what makes youwell, you!


The Muses of Portraiture Photographers

Ren Dittfield finds something to value, something beautiful, in each and every portrait subject. From pets to people, babies to elders, professionals to families, he can pull the depths of beauty from the subject and capture it in an image. Not content with the “just sit and smile” method of portraiture, he looks to the heart of the person and finds the heart of the portrait.

He works with the environment, shapes and molds the image before he ever captures it, and makes something that speaks to the soul of the viewer. In every case, you’ll end up with a portrait you can treasure. You’ll have something that reminds you just how special you are and something that reflects your inner and outer beauty.


Ask For Yourself

The passion for stunning, quality portrait photography isn’t the only remarkable thing you’ll find in Ren. His clients rave about the quality of Ren Dittfield portraits, but they have a lot to say about his heart, too! Most portraiture photographers have to be patient. However, he is consistently cited as being patient, kind, friendly, and a joy to work with, among other things. When looking at his portfolio it is easy to see why his clients are all thrilled with their results, these clients include:

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