Family Portraits That Last a Lifetime

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Family Portraits

Creating stunning family portraits that your family can treasure for years to come might seem a bit daunting at first. You want your family portraits to be a reflection of your family, and tell the story of who you are as a family. Finding a good family photographer is the first step to a great family portrait.

Then with a little thought and communication with your family photographer, it’s easy to get the portraits you want. A little planning can go a long way in making sure your family gets portraits that bring out the best in everyone.


Making Them Your Family Portraits

Your family portraits are an investment, and as such you want them to be the best they can be for the time and money you’re investing. Talk about what you want your portraits to say about your family. Is your family more of a studio portrait kind of family? Are you avid hikers who would appear more natural in a heavily wooded location? Showing your family in the best light means shooting in a location that will light up your family! The location of your shoot is very important in showing what kind of atmosphere your family has.


Family Portraits Are For You

Of course, we all want to show off our family portraits, but in the end, these photographs are for your family. Each member of your family needs to be comfortable. They need to feel great about how they look, how they’re dressed, and where you’re shooting. If almost everyone in your family loves to hunt, but one person is terrified of guns, shooting a session with hunting rifles is probably a bad idea. Your photos will reflect how uncomfortable that member of your family is, and the effect is ruined. Allow each member to be themselves, without the pressure to perform or change to suit the needs of other members.


Comfortable In Your Own Skin

It is vital that each member of your family feels represented within your family portraits. If your family is known for its playful attitude, then play for the camera. If you’re all talented musicians, make some music. Props are a great way to show who you really are, and are usually an excellent idea for such a session. Using our musician family as an example, it would make for a more dynamic photo to see each member with their own musical instruments as opposed to simply being posed on a stage in a music hall Just remember to be creative and have fun!

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