Looking for the Best Photographers in South Florida, look no more!

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best photographers in south florida

Are you currently looking for a photographer located within South Florida, but simply do not know where you start your search? Look no further because Ren Dittfield Photography is here to provide all types of clients with stunning and professional high-quality images that each have a fresh new look along with creative ideas and designs. Ren Dittfield Photography offers some of the best photographers in the South Florida area including Ren and Renette. This team of photographers strives to create memorable experiences and enjoyable portrait sessions for their clients. Each photograph taken by this professional team is truly a unique work of art.

Best photographers in South Florida and Their Services

As one of the best photographers in South Florida, Ren Dittfield Photography offers a wide range of services that are sure to meet all of your wants and needs. Over 20 years of experience in the photography field ensure that clients are working with professionals who are familiar with all types of settings, themes and photography styles within South Florida. Some services offered include studio and location settings. Portraits, fashion photography, products and stills, fine art, commercial and head shots are just a few types of photography styles that these top of the line photographers offer.

The Portrait Process of the Best Photographers in South Florida

You can be sure that you’re working with some of the best photographers in South Florida simply due to their creative process in creating stunning images and works of art. Ren and Rennette start the creation process by meeting with clients in South Florida for a consultation. During this consultation you will discuss the type of images that you’re looking for. Next, you will shoot a non-rushed portrait session either within the professional studio or on a location. This photo session will use unique out of the box ideas to capture creative images that come to life on film. The process ends with viewing and selecting your new photographs that have been taken by one of the best photographers in the area.

Other Features of the Best Photographers in South Florida

Not only does the photo creation process, creativity and quality of the services that Ren Dittfield Photography provide set them apart from other photography firms in the area, but also the additional features that they bring to the table. For example, only the best photographers are members of the Professional Photographes of America in addition to the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. Ren Dittfield Photography also makes it their mission to give back to the surrounding areas and communities that are in need by donating to charities such as The Boys and Girls Club, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Wheels For Kids and Place of Hope. Having worked with top magazines, advertising agencies, catalogs, calendars, movies and television series in the past, these top notch photographers continue to expand their client list on a regular basis.

This team of the best photographers in South Florida are ready to make your next photo shoot an unforgettable experience that creates long-lasting memories for your visual enjoyment.


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